Our story started over 6 years ago with a young fresh stylist determined to make it in the dog grooming world. with a lot of hard work and dedication over time she became a fully qualified dog stylist, member of the Groomers Spotlight and even placed in grooming competitions! But the story didn't stop there....

There were many long nights and some serious talks, when eventually they came to a very important agreement...that your dogs skin was oh so precious and that they must make sure only the best of products were used on their customers dogs! After much research and trialing they decided that all natural was the only logical way forward! Which is why they have picked only all natural, ethically sourced and animal cruelty free products to use in there salons! with no nasty chemicals you can be sure your dogs coat is in good hands!

Our Story...

After working in various grooming salons the stylist decided it was time to own her own grooming salon! And so who better to team up with than her dog crazy partner!  Both shared a vision for an all natural, calming and totally tailored grooming service, where dogs not only look fabulous but most importantly FEEL fabulous! This is where The Signature Stylist was created...

With products chosen and everything coming all together they decided this wasnt enough and that they wanted there company to be doing all it can for the enviroment! Which is why they chose an online booking system with the view to be totally paperless in the future! Doing there part to help the world be a greener place.

Now The Signature Stylist vision has become a reality! With a fresh modern salon, fully kitted out with the latest equipment and with dogs health, safety and well being at the core of everything they do The Signature Stylist aims to give every dog a one to one relaxed grooming experience! Providing a tailored grooming experience and giving each dog that Signature Style.


64 Buxton Road,



WS3 3QJ.