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Full Styling

Our full styling service includes a bath and brush out ,using all natural products, ears cleaned, nails clipped and a finishing style of your choice. We take pride in our styling and so your stylist will spend as much time as is needed on working with you to decide on the signature style for your dog! Each styling session is done on a one dog to one stylist basis making the experience more relaxing for both stylist and dog and giving your dog there own dedicated time slot. Pricing for Full Styling is dependent upon breed, coat type, temperament and coat condition. Please call/text 07375487225, email us at or message us on Facebook for a personalized quote for your dog.


Puppy Grooms

A puppys first few grooms are some of the most important which is why here at the Signature Stylist we take our time with each and every puppy to make sure they are okay with every part of the grooming process. A puppy groom includes a bath&brush using all natural puppy safe products, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and a trim around the eyes, feet and sanitary area, finishing with a spritz of cologne. Puppy grooms can be used as much as needed until your puppy is 6 months of age. Our puppy grooms are £20 for small puppies, £25 for medium puppies and £30 for large puppies. For more infomation on puppy grooming and hints and tips on how to maintain your puppys coat at home please see our signature BLOG!


Bath and Brush

Our stylists will select an all natural shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your dogs coat type and skin condition, which they will massage into the dogs coat during bathing. 

Once the coat is squeaky clean our stylist will then choose the best drying technique for your dog, from fluff drying to high velocity blasting, we've got your dog covered! Using a comb and brush your stylist will check for any knots   and will finish with or without a spritz of perfume  at your request.


Midway Groom

Our mid-way groom is designed to be used in-between full grooms to keep your dog in tip top condition! With a massaging bath, using all natural shampoo, your dog will be dried and brushed all over, then the stylist will trim the hair from around the face, feet and sanitary area, finishing with or without a spritz of perfume. 

midway groom.jpg

Nail Clip

Our nail clipping  service is pre-booked with a specified time slot which may particularly suit dogs who are more nervous with nail clipping as we can then take our time to slowly clip there nails and begin to De sensitize them to the nail clipping process, creating a more calming experience all round. We charge £5 for this service.
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