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Houndsly Pawfume's- only the best for our clients!

Nostaligia has a sweet that day back in January 2020. The world was normal and Abby and I found ourselves in Coventry at a grooming competition. Hundreds of people indoors, no masks, and beautiful dogs on show. Sounds made up these days but i promise it happened!

Abby had been whisked away to meet Pooch Perfects very own international master grooming extraordinaire Colin Taylor. Leaving me alone with only my senses so i followed them and their it was. No not the hotel bar! A trade stand with the most beautiful aroma. Two friendly face greeted me waving scented sticks under my nose. Leaving me in a stage of sweet intoxication. I was hooked. "which is your favorite?" they asked me. i could of chosen any they were all amazing. Yet i ticked the box labeled rhubarb and custard. Yum! They began to tell me more about their company and in that moment houndsly became my favorite company in the pet grooming industry. Here is what they said;

-Completely natural ingredients-no nasties!

-Vegan friendly

-high quality

-sustainable production and packaging

-kind to your pets skin and the planet

-hand made in the UK

-huge range of lasting scents

incredible right?

Fast forward to now March 2021. We have been using houndsly perfumes scince opening our salon back in October 2020. The feedback on how the dogs smell after a pamper session has been very positive. So much so that we have decided to stock a selection of houndsly scents in the salon. We will be stocking the scents we use which are:

-Bubble Gum

-Blue berry Muffin

-Pixie dust

-Pomegrante nero

-Petal bomb

These luxurious scents are only £9.99 each! why not treat yours pup to a luxury pawfume next time you visit us to keep your pooch smelling salon fresh every day.

As for houndsly, while they are rightly taking over the grooming world. Since meeting them in conventry they have gone on to release more and more products and are becoming one of the best used companies in the industry. To see their full range visit their website - - They offer more than just dog perfume now. Recently they have opened a branch in the USA and we at the Signature Stylist wish to thank them for their service and wish them all the best as they continue to grow their amazing company. Houndsly we love you.


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