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emmi-pet Teeth Cleaning

How clean are your dogs teeth?

You may be surprised to learn that vets report almost 80% of dogs over the age of 3 suffer from some variety of teeth and gum problems! 

Dental diseases can be quite common among dogs and if they are left untreated they can not only lead to tooth loss but also much more serious health conditions! 

Whilst your dogs food and treats may help with general dental care they are simply not sufficient enough alone to keep the teeth clean and plaque at bay! This is where the tooth brush comes in! Cleaning the teeth with a tooth brush on a daily basis can keep plaque at bay and help promote healthy gums! 

How can teeth cleaning help your dog?

So why emmi-pet?

The emmi-pet tooth brush is a completely silent tooth brush with no vibrations! Because of this totally silent designs dogs are more willing to have their teeth cleaned! Along with the bubble gum flavored tooth paste, whats not to love? 

The tooth brush is also ultrasonic and works by delivering 1.6 million vibrations per second via ultrasonic waves whilst the Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste creates millions of micro-bubbles, which “implode” and clean the teeth, gums, palate and tongue in the most effective way! This type of tooth brush eliminates abrasive brushing which could be damaging to the tooth enamel, making it very gentle on the teeth and gums!

We openly encourage you to get your dog used to teeth cleaning from an early age to help to prevent possible dental diseases at a later stage in life. Our teeth cleaning service is for dogs of all ages. (please note we DO NOT recommend using teeth cleaning as a replacement for dental treatment at the vets. We also DO NOT recommend this service to any dogs with pre exsisting dental related health conditions).

Is my dog too young to benefit?

What happens during our teeth cleaning session?

You will firstly be asked a short questionair about your dogs teeth and dental hygeine to make sure this service is suitable for them! We will then check your dogs teeth over and take them in for their teeth cleaning session! We usually book out extra time for their first session as this gives us time to get your dog used to the tooth brush, we don't start until they are fully relaxed! The tooth brush head is then wet and tooth paste is then applied! This is then held onto each tooth to allow the tooth brush to clean the teeth. 

Our emmi-pet Teeth Cleaning price list

First Session

Your dogs first session can take up to 1 hour in total. This is because on their first session they will be slowly desensitized to the tooth brushing process making it a calm and relaxing experience. We also give each dogs their very own tooth brush head which is included in their first session price of £30! (This may need replacing in the future for the cost of £7 per tooth brush head) 

After your first session your stylist will advise a teeth cleaning plan personal for your dog.

Add on to full groom

Why not add their teeth cleaning session to their full groom? When teeth cleaning is added to a full groom the price is just £10! (please note a first session will be required beforehand to properly introduce the tooth brush to your dog).

Intensive teeth cleaning course

Is your dog in need of that extra teeth cleaning care? We highly recommend that a first session is followed by 4 days (spread among 2 weeks) worth of teeth cleaning sessions. This is why we offer a discount when 5 sessions are pre booked when booking your first session! Making the total price £80!

Single Sessions

Single sessions when not booked with a full styling session are £15. With a single session your dog will be booked in with one of our stylists in their own personal time slot, for a single teeth cleaning session.

To see our emmi-pet teeth cleaning sessions terms and conditions click here!

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